Pool & Spa Replacement Seals



Seals for Pool, Spa and Garden Pumps

Seals for Pool, Spa and Garden Pumps

Pool, spa or garden pump seal? We have the seal you are looking for! Download our manufacturers’ crossover seal listing below to order today!


Download  SAF Seal Cross over for pool and spa 2013







Pool & Spa Replacement Pump Seals

100 SAF-PS100
142 SAF-PS142
163 SAF-PS163
200 SAF-PS200
201 SAF-PS201
359 SAF-PS359
360 SAF-PS360
380 SAF-PS380
381 SAF-PS381
411 SAF-PS411
501 SAF-PS501
601 SAF-PS601
851 SAF-PS851
877 SAF-PS877
1000 SAF-PS1000
2131 SAF-PS2131
2161 SAF-PS2161

Upgrade to silicon carbide seals for the most demanding commercial and residential applications.

100SCS SAF-PS1900
200SCS SAF-PS1901
201SCS SAF-PS1902
1000SCS SAF-PS1905
2131SCS SAF-PS1906

 *** Pump companies, pump models and seal models are listed for reference only. SAF Seals and SAF Precision Manufacturing Ltd. are NOT affiliated with any pump manufacturers. ***

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